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Friday, 30 December 2011

Park Shin Hye - 29/12 twitter update

Today, Shin Hye tweeted "아웅 추워!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 오늘오늘 은영언니랑 쭈난오빠랑 희영언니랑 민희언니랑 쪼아언니랑 혜진언니랑 혜빈언니랑 주연언니랑 세하씨랑 송년회하러 가지롱요~~ "

[TRANS] Ah it's so cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I went out with Eun Young unnie, Ju Nan oppa, Hee Young unnie, Min Hee unnie, JoA unnie, Hye Jin unnie, Hye Bin unnie, Ju Yeon unnie and Se Ha ssi for a year end gathering party~~

[翻译] 啊呜 好冷!!!!!!!!!!!今天今天 和恩妍姐姐,浚河哥哥,希妍姐姐,敏希姐姐,真和姐姐,艺珍姐姐,艺彬姐姐,朱颜姐姐,世何一起去送年会哦~~~

There after, 2 hours later, Shin Hye tweeted again! "신사동 COLAmercato 에서 송년회중이에요^ㅡ^* 완~전 맛있구 분위기도 최고최고>_</ 꺄아아아~ 너무너무 신나요 히힛♥"

[TRANS] The year end gathering meal was held at Shinsadong COLAmercato^ㅡ^* Wow~ All the food were delicious and the atmosphere is awesome too>_</ Kya~ really really happy~~ hehe

[翻译] 新寺洞 COLAmercato 里面开送年会^ㅡ^*完~全好吃而且气氛也最棒>_</ 好啊~~非常非常开心~~嘿嘿~

Shin Hye is making an Eskimo look by sticking her face out of a woolen hat which is attached to her red coat. She actually looks okay for a freezing weather.

Netizens commented “She looks really cute! Have Fun.” “You look really warm."

Wow! Seems like today Shin Hye is really relaxing and enjoying herself a lot^^ Hope she keeps herself warm and be prepared to face new challenges in 2012!!! Congratulations for Shin Hye's upcoming anniversary 10th year in the media industry by 2012!

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  1. haha cool stuff! glad that she is enjoying herself! cant wait to see her in another drama:)


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