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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Park Shin Hye took upon a 5m deep underwater challenge for her shooting for "Don't worry, I'm a ghost"

Park Shin Hye, used no substitute for her filming for "Don't worry, I'm a ghost". Facing a 5m deep underwater shooting for "Don't worry, I'm a ghost", actress Park is indeed one who possess professionalism. She is one with energetics who has the mindset of "Nothing is daunting for me", and jumps into the deep cold water for the shooting. The shooting crew and artists all cheered and clapped in admiration for Park.

“Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost” is about Moon Ki (Bong Tae Gyu) who wakes up at a hospital without any recollection of his past. He meets a charming and cute ghost named Yeon Hwa (Park Shin Hye), and the two fall in love.

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  1. PSH continues to do things that make one admire her more and more. What an interesting person she is. Never daunted from challenging herself. Just great!


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