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Monday, 22 July 2013

Park Shin Hye Section TV "Special School Attack" transcript

Transcript by: Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub
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SH: Shin Hye, MC: Emcee

Students' heart are also pounding really fast
Park Shin Hye is now here in person
Now let's all see the 1-day teacher, Park Shin Hye

SH: Hello
MC: Why did you come to school today?
SH: To be a 1-day teacher for Anti-counterfeit lecture
to teach students how to differentiate between real and fake products

SH: Hello everyone, I am Park Shin Hye
MC: I supposed everyone is really feeling delighted upon seeing Park Shin Hye right?

The boy's mouth is opened so big...
Because the pretty teacher is explaining...

MC: Looks like you can be a teacher already
SH: Really..?
MC: You are adapting well, not nervous at all
SH: It has been so long since I saw students wearing uniforms, I feel like a student too
MC: In Auntie rank yeah
SH: Not Auntie... What Auntie! Only a age gap of 10 years
SH: Not Auntie...
Not reasonable... Auntie with only a age gap of 15 years

MC: Teacher and student drama
MC: Let's watch the in-between scenes
MC: Teacher teacher Shin Hye teacher
Previously the emcee likes Park Shin Hye

MC: Now let's start an interview with Park Shin Hye
MC: How do you feel after the lecture
SH: Felt nervous, but previously I have tried a kids programme that why I felt it was ok for me

MC: The audience are also very curious
about the ways of differentiating the real and fake products
SH: In short...
Suddenly, the school bell rang and I got up
Knew that it was end of school, the emcee jumped for joy

SH: To continue with that, in short
SH: The easiest way to differentiate sports shoes...
SH:The side line of a real sports shoe is always very clean and smooth whereas a fake product will have some small air bubbles in the side line

MC: You debuted in 2003 for Lee Seung Hwan's <Flower> right?
SH: Yes
MC: Through this, Park Shin Hye has been known to everyone
SH: I have debuted for 10 years
SH: Older age sunbaes are most afraid of this
SH: Some people think it is inconvenient
SH: Shin Hye, Shin Hye, what should I call you
SH: They do not know how to address you

MC: After debut, did anyone reccommended people to you?
SH: Yes
MC: That's right, it shouldn't have been a no
SH: I have also received company's request for contract
MC: After debut?
SH: In school
SH: Want to be a celebrity?
After that "So sorry for didn't recognising  you"..

MC: What role do you feel acting the most with pleasure
SH: "You're Beautiful" I felt the most pleasure and interesting
SH: The most difficult was "Miracle in Cell No.7"

From now on I shall become Go Mi Nam
Through acting as a man, she has been very popular in the drama "You're Beautiful"
And through "Miracle in Cell No.7", she has been a celebrity watched by millions of audience

MC: Now we are entering aspects of statements, Park Shin Hye please pay attention

"Looked at the actual person, felt that dazzling eyes are the real product"
SH: Now the age is still young
SH:The phrase has made people feel really nice

"Non-pettish Shin Hye is a fake"
SH:Because my mum likes to be pettish
MC: Oh, your mother likes to be pettish
SH: "Can't you help to cook the meal?"
SH: or "Can't you help me wash the things?" and etc
MC: When you get pettish, you moved people's heart. Normally how do you practice that?
SH: I don't really practice. Do I have to?

"The guys who dislikes Park Shin Hye to be pettish?
Can't continue to watch by just looking at her pettish face"
SH: That was when I was filming "Flower Boys Next Door"
SH: I was just playing around in front of the camera
SH: If without that expression, my expression will be a pretty flower face

Yoon Si Yoon's reversal expression towards "Park Shin Hye's cute and pettish expression" has made Shin Hye gave a dissatisfaction look. What was going on?

MC: 2013 ideal type?
SH: Park Hee soon Sunbae
MC: Not Pretty boy style?
SH: Is very manly

MC: 1 more...

"A spendthrift Shin Hye is a fake Shin Hye"
SH: When I was in University, I received allowance from my parents
SH: Not long ago, using the money I have earned, my parent's shop opened
SH: In the shop, I manages the financial income to learn how to save money
SH: It is a tough job. Receiving allowance is much more convenient

---Shin Hye's message to everyone---
Felt really happy and honoured to be able to send my greetings to everyone. Everyone please keep a lookout for the Anti-Counterfeit events/campaigns.

The sweet looking Park Shin Hye, hope to see you participating in more events! 
See you next time!

Transcript by: Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub
Do not repost, link back to our site.


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