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Friday, 17 January 2014

2014 Park Shin Hye interview with PPTV

Reporter: Hello everyone from PPTV! Thank you for watching this episode of "Star Around You". My name is Xiao Xin (小新). Now seating beside me is Korean actress Park Shin Hye who is loved by many people, including me. She is the one who acted in the recent SBS drama "The Inheritors" as Cha Eun sang. Let's welcome her. Hello! 

Shinhye: Hello! 大家好我是朴信惠 (Hello everyone, I am Park Shin Hye). 

Reporter: Ah~ After this annyeonghaseyo, I can only depend on the translator to do the translations for me. Yesterday I saw you at the SBS Awards with Kim Woo Bin, can you share with us your feelings for yesterday? 

Shinhye: Firstly, I heard that "The Inheritors" is a big hit in China and many people liked it. Hence, I am very happy. Yesterday at the Awards Ceremony came a lot of people. To be awarded the award, I felt really really happy and honored. 

Reporter: Yesterday I was also at the ceremony and I saw it too. I heard many fans screaming out, "Do you not afraid that Kim Tan will be angry and jealous?". Haha so are you worried that Kim Tan will be jealous? 

Shinhye: I do not worry about that before.... *giggles* 

Reporter: In the drama, we saw you choosing Kim Tan as your choice, so as you, Park Shin Hye, outside the drama, who will you choose? 

Shinhye: This is a very difficult question to answer... Both of them are too good to make a choice. 

Reporter: Heard that it was a very difficult drama to film for because it has many ups and downs and you will need huge emotions. So would like to know if you encountered any problems during the filming for the drama? 

Shinhye: Many fans came down to the filming venue and during the emotional scenes and I felt awkward under such situation. Although I felt grateful, I felt sorry to the people who brought inconvenience. It is also quite challenging during the filming for emotional scenes. 

Reporter: I heard that you had a scene where Kim Tan and you had to do kissing in one of the scene and you felt uncomfortable. What was the scene like?

Shinhye: That scene was to be more forceful than expected and it was not feeling embarrassed till I was having a shock. Yeah... It was not like that. 

Reporter: I guessed you guys had lots of fun during the filming process. Like Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin, I supposed they are different in real life. Can you share some things about them? 

Shinhye: When we were at the scene, there were some disputes and has a lot of sad elements in it. Although it is quite difficult, everyone was pretty cheerful and happy. 

Reporter: This time you are here with Kim Woo Bin in China and Lee Min Ho did not come. Since that he is not here, can you share some moments of him to our China fans?

Shinhye: Hidden secret.. moments.. Which can I say.. For Woo Bin, he was relieved when he found Eun Sang during the scene where he went to the police station to look for Eun Sang and hug her. At that time, including Min Ho oppa, all the other male actors are very tall and I was not wearing any heels but only a pair of sports shoe. Hence, whenever there are hugging scenes, our faces will be knocked against each other. My nose will always be knocked... So painful... That time was filmed in the police station , so when my face was being hit, the sound was very loud. It was so painful that there were times I was 'bounced' back behind. So when there are times where I have to film for such scene, I will verify if the height and other elements are suitable.

Reporter: Okay, now looking at Shin Hye's recent work are are filmed within Korea's most popular male actors like Jang Keun Suk, Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Min Ho. I would like to know how do you evaluate your 3 partners?

Shinhye: I have worked with Min Ho oppa for not a very long period of time... Keun Suk oppa too... Si Yoon oppa too, but I will contact them occasionally because our tv drama aired time was the same as Keun Suk oppa's. We will message each other to encourage the other party. When the tv drama finished broadcasting, Keun Suk oppa will message me saying I have worked hard. 

Reporter: We have noticed a special thing. Although all the male actors has the top popularity, technically there will be many female fans who will be jealous of you. However, this is not the case. There are many female fans who love and adore you. Do you know the reason behind it?

Shinhye: I gave a very serious thought about this question. Why is it like this? I think it may be because of my casual character. I am not the type of girl who is very feminine or very gentle. Hence, it is easier for people to get close to me. This is what I think. Another reason may be the character I am in is not being sandwiched between 2 male characters. Not the type where I will like the 1st guy and later one the 2nd guy. The character I am in will only look and love 1 man. Due to this very clear cut love relationship, people tend to like me more. 

Reporter: Actually, personally I realised that you are one who loves sports like baseball. You seemed to be Korea's baseball game opening pitcher for many consecutive years. 

Shinhye: Yes, I like sports and love to dance too. I have participated in many opening pitch events and all of them were very good chance for me. Due to my acting career, people mainly see me under the camera. Like singer, the interaction time with fans and audience are very little. Hence, when there are chances for me to participate in sports, I will gladly join. For sports, I really like sports. I like many kinds of sports. 

Reporter: Today when I watched the news I discovered that you would actually like to join martial arts. I do not know if the news was accurate. Why would you have such a thought? 

Shinhye: There are many movies and tv drams involving martial arts in China. Each time I watched it, I felt very shocking. Hence, I would really love to learn martial arts. I feel that learning martial arts needs a lot of perseverance . 

Reporter: The character in those movies are very different from Eun Sang. So for your future work, excluding roles like Eun Sang, will you consider roles that will be little rebelling or has martial arts in it? Shinhye: Yes, I want to give it a try. I like challenges.

Reporter: For now, what are some roles that you have not acted and you want to try out? 

Shinhye: Hmm... It is tv drams that have been broadcasted? Maybe something like Spy Agents, I would like to try. I would also love to carry on acting in romance tv series. 

Reporter: Seems like we will be able to see a different Park Shin Hye. Yes, today we are very happy to be able to interview you. However, there are still many fans who left many questions on the internet. So the following questions asked will be the questions raised by online fans. 

Reporter: There is a fan who said the work of celebrity is very tiring. So the question raised will be asking Park Shin Hye what kind of things will she do to relieve her stress? 

Shinhye: My method of relieving stress will be to do some exercises and make myself perspire. While doing this I feel more refreshed and exercising is good for health too. If not, I will listen to my favourite songs or to turn on to very noisy music and to have a good cry. Alternatively, I will look for my friends to have a chat. 

Reporter: Wow, that's many method~ Another fan said that Park Shin Hye's skin complexion is really good. The question is, are there any tips Park Shin Hye could share about her secret to perfect skin complexion?

Shinhye: I am not the kind of person who will be exceptionally involved in taking care of my skin complexion. Ocasionally during my off days, I will go and look at beauty products. I think that having a good diet and exercising is very important. Removal of make-up is also important too. You have to be very meticulous. 

Reporter: Are there anything that you will do it but your friends do not? 

Shinhye: It is really to have a balanced diet, sleep well and do exercise regularly. I think that all these are the most basic important things to be done. Be serious in cleansing up your make-up too. You have to use also the sunblock lotion and products that block the UV rays. 

Reporter: In fact, your skin complexion is really good to see from here haha. So Lunar New Year is a huge festival in China and so in Korea. Hence, fans are curious what Park Shin Hye will do during this festival. 

Shinhye: This year's plan I hope to have a family trip because ever since my parent's shop opened, they have not had a good rest. 

Reporter: Will your Lunar New Year be different as others? For example, will you get to eat something special? 

Shinhye: Oh... I will eat rice cake soup. In Korea, we will eat rice cake soup and in Gwangju, we will make pan fried meat patties to eat. Other places will also make pan fried things to eat. Basically, these are all. 

Reporter: The last question, would like to ask Park Shin Hye... In 2014, "The Inheritors" is a big hit drama in China. Do you have any plans coming in China? 

Shinhye: I would really love to have. Need to create many chances to make this happen. This is only the beginning. If there are chances, even filming an advertisement or commercial is good too. Of course, it would be better to have a tv drama to movies. I hope to bring good news in 2014 and hope to have more interaction with my China fans. 

Reporter: Who do you think to have partnership with the directors or actors in China?

Shinhye: Maybe with director Wu Yu Lin (吴宇林) and many others. Yesterday I saw him at the award ceremony... It is actor Li Yi Feng (李易 峰). 

Reporter: Okay, so we will anticipate your future partnership maybe with actor Li Yi Feng for your China fans. So now could you say some words to those fans who missed to come to the event? 

Shinhye: I am very happy to be able to meet everyone here. Hope that through this event, I may have more chances to meet everyone again. Thank you all for loving and supporting "The Inheritors". Happy New Year. Xin Nian Kuai Le (新年快乐)

--The End-- 

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