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Friday, 20 January 2012

21st High One Seoul Music Awards

Tonight, actress Park Shin Hye attended the <21st High One Seoul Music Awards> or also known as <2012 Seoul Music Awards> as the emcee to present the awards for one of the categories. Now let's take a look at Shin Hye's appearance, wearing a V-necked white gown!

Upon seeing the pictures, netizens commented:
"she lovely and gorgeous,..but she little bit like bride^^"
"PSH like princess (^.^)" 
"u look beautiful shin hye,with white gown ^_^" 
" Shin Hye shines out naturally beautifully!!*^^* A catchy beauty indeed!!" 
"Shinhye you look like an angel!! we so proud of you.."

The awards show first began in 1990 and is held annually by Sports Seoul to recognize outstanding achievements in the Korean music industry. It is one of the big four music award ceremonies in Korea, alongside the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards, and Melon Music Awards.

This year's Seoul Music Awards is being held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on 19th January. From 7PM to 10PM KST(Red Carpet:1800-1850 Award Show:1900-2200), The award ceremony was broadcasted live through KBS N’s cable channels’ KBS Joy, KBS Prime etc.

The link to watch it live is:

The Seoul Music Awards is the greatest celebration in the domestic music industry and a platform for recognition, hence it is gaining great anticipation.

Sponsored by Sports Seoul, High One Resort and supported by the Korean commission, the 21st Seoul Music Awards will be giving out bonsangs to 10 teams of one team will be awarded with the daesang, the best album award, digital music award, rookie award and R&B ballad, hip hop trot etc.awards for the different music genres and cultural performance award, special hallyu award, high one popularity award.

In the initial popularity voting, there is a trend of “male power” Currently on the 15th in the bonsang section

Super Junior, TEEN TOP and Lee Seung Gi are engaged in a fierce battle for the lead. With the hit “No More Perfume On You” TEEN TOP is in 1st place with 18.3% of the votes, followed closely by Super Junior’s “Mr Simple” with 16.2% of the votes; Lee Seung Gi with his popular hits “Time to Love” and “ Aren't We Friends”, is in tight pursuit with 15.5% of the votes.

And not forgetting FT-island too! They have successfully cliched a Bonsang award and performed 2 songs, one of it was "Hello Hello" at the award ceremony. However, due to overwhelming response from viewers which increasing hit more than 50,000 viewers, many missed it because of server lagging for a couple of minutes. Nevertheless, FT-island's performance was as awesome as their latest Asia tour stop in Singapore in 15 January 2012.

A short overview for the award winners:

  • Bonsang: Sistar, Secret, FTIsland, Miss A, Lee Seung Ki, KARA, T-ara, IU, Beast, 4minutes, SNSD, Suju
  • Daesang: Super Junior, SNSD, KARA, BEAST, T-ara, IU, Miss A, 4 Men
  • Rookie: B1A4, A-pink, Boyfriend
  • Popularity: Lee Seung Ki, SNSD
  • Best Digital award: T-ARA
*For Daesang awards:
1. Super Junior 20.9%
2. Lee Seung Gi 20.7%
3. Teen Top 20.7%
4. Beast 6.5%
5. SNSD 5.8%

Finally..!!! At around 9:00pm SGT, Park Shin Hye appeared with Choi Tae-Hwan as the award presenters for "best Digital Award" and "Daesang" with winners T-ARA and IU respectively. Shin Hye was so delighted that she even gave Eun Jung from T-ara a "Congratulations Hug"!

About an hour after the award ceremony, Shin Hye tweeted on her twitter "집이가까우니 역시 좋구나 쿠쿠~5분만에 집에왔어요~오늘 나의 대기실은 바로바로~내 방!!!으캬캬컁~봉지야~노리야~언니가 오늘 시상식을 다녀왔는데에에에~~~{}#%~*[={+}~_|£<¥>+]*}*#+]+"

Translates as follows: Good that my home is near whew whew~ All it takes is 5 minutes and I'm homed~ Just now in my waiting room today~ My room!!! Oh ya ya ya~ Bongji~ Nori~ Tonight unnie was at the Seoul Music Awards yay yay yay~~~{}#%~*[={+}~_|£<¥>+]*}*#+]+

[翻译- 朴信惠张根硕吧官博] 离家近果然就是好啊 keke~5分钟就到家啦~今天 我的待机室 刚才刚才~我的房间!!!口袋呀~诺丽呀~姐姐今天 从颁奖式回来可是啊啊啊[={+}~_|£<¥>+]*}*#+]+

21st High One Seoul Music Awards has officially ended. Thank you for watching. Hope everyone has enjoyed the award ceremony! Congratulations to all the award winners!

For Stalight Angels who wish to see Shin Hye on the screen again, you can watch the video below.
Credit: PSH_arabfans

Source: Sports Seoul


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