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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Park Shin Hye - 2012 Codes Combine 1st Fan-Signing event

Today (6/1/2012) is Park Shin Hye's 2012 1st Codes Combine Haiker Fan-Signing event! The event was held 4:00pm KST, at Codes Combine store, Sinchon U-Plex Hyundai Department Store B-2.

As usual, Shin Hye glowed upon her arrival to the venue. She was wearing a pink knitted long sleeves with black designs on it with a black thick coat and wearing a black shorts, a pair of black stockings. The weather is cold in Korea but, Shin Hye still keeps her smile up despite wearing little for the bottom.

Isn't Shin Hye beautiful today?! Upon her arrival, Korea Media <TV Daily> snapped down many pictures of Shin Hye. Shin Hye's lipstick colour definitely complements her stylish appearance in front of the camera! Besides that, Shin Hye also received a bouquet of flowers! She looked so happy as she posed with it delightfully.

After seeing the pictures, netizens commented:
"You're really a beautiful girl!", 
"Shinhye ssi, you always looked so happy when you received flowers!!!^^", 
"Shin Hye, fighting! You are so lively and lovely!"

The fan-signing event lasted for about 3-4 hours. Thank you all Starlight Angels who has given your support to Shin Hye by attending this mini fan-sign session! Also not forgetting to congratulate those who has managed to catch a glimpse of Shin Hye and get her live pen-downed signature! Congratulations everyone!

Click on the link to view the set album for today's event:

After the event, Shin Hye updated and posted a picture on her twitter to express her thankfulness for all her Star Angels!

오늘 싸인회 와주셔서 감사해요..^^ 선물도 너무너무 감사합니다.. 편지도 다 읽어봤어요.. 2월에도 또 만나요 여러분^ㅡ^* 케익은... 먹어버려서...아하하 ㅠㅠ

‎[TRANS 6/1 @ssinz] Thank you those who came to the fan-signing event..^^ really really thank you too for the presents.. I've also done reading all the letters that you all gave to me.. Everyone, let's meet again on February^ㅡ^* The cake... finished eating and thrown away already.... ahahahaㅠㅠ

[翻译] 谢谢那些前来的各位..^^ 真的真的非常谢谢你们的礼物.. 你们给的信我也都读完了.. 大家, 2月再次见面哦^ㅡ^* 蛋糕呢... 已经吃完丢掉了.... 阿哈哈ㅠㅠ

Take a good rest Shin Hye! You are so awesome today!^^ Good night! We love you so much!

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