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Saturday, 23 February 2013

[NEWS] 'Miracle in Cell No.7' has finally surpassed 10 million spectators

[NEWS] The movie <Miracle in Cell No.7> has finally surpassed 10 million spectators.  

<Miracle in Cell No.7>  is distributed by the company NEW (뉴) and it has a cumulative statistic of 10,000,911 in the box office on March 23rd, at 9:30. This big number is achieved in only 32 days since the day is was released.

Last year, the movie <The Thieves>  had 436,622 tickets sold on the day of its release and it was recorded the second highest single day opening of all time in Korea after <The Host> opened with 449,500 tickets sold in 2006.On its sixth day of release, it broke the 3 million mark in audience number, drawing 3.35 million viewers.

<Miracle in Cell No.7> is the 1st in this year and the 8th in the Korea Film history record to hit 10 million views. This movie reached 7 million ticket sales 20 days after its release, and 7 days later, 9 million.

Considering the shoestring budget they had, this is very significant to each and everyone who has participated to make this movie such a success.

The net production, including promotional and marketing expenses, cost around 35 billion won. The total production costs only 55 billion won and the posted sales brought them a near to 700 billion won. This movie has an estimated grossing production costs of up to 13 fold. This movie is recorded as one of the highest returns rate for a 10 million viewership movie.

Looking at the other 7 movies which also have over a 10 million viewership like <Silmido> <Tidal Wave> <Taegukgi> <King and the Clown> <Gwanghae> <The Thieves> <The Host (2006 film)><Miracle in Cell No.7>  is the next hot movie to draw audience's attention in the theatres. 


  1. Congrats Shinhye. May your projects be forever successful

  2. Congratulation to all the actor and actress;D

  3. Congratulations to the cast especially to Shin Hye! May your star continue to shine brightly forever. God bless you always!<3:) - yohan lei


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