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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Park Shin Hye interview with Sina - the 12th edition of Korean Wave

Translations by Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub. 
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There are 4 Parts to this interview

Part 1: Walking out from innocent to mature
Part 2: The encounter with pretty guys was coincidental
Part 3: The joy and sorrow of being a child actress
Part 4: Accumulate maturity, be in your helm for your life

The Korean actress born in the 1990s has been dedicating her effort to her showbiz work since young. In the 90s, she has already made quite a few remarkable work. This is unimaginable for she is able to make such a huge change in the short period of time. These group of ladies who are born in the 90s are youthful and have invincible sweet smiles that anyone would be attracted to. The lively actresses are really comparable to their sunbaes in the showbiz industry.

Within that, the lady who debuted as a child actress, Park Shin Hye, is now an obvious example of a powerful actress who is capable to become who she is now in the showbiz industry. Although she do not have an amazing appearance, her character of the 'girl next door' and putting hardwork at work has made her became a renowned actress in her career. In the year 2003, when she was 13 years old, the first time of appearing in front of netizens was with a cameo in a MV.

Within a period of 10 years, she not only is popular in the movie industry, but also is good in being an emcee. She was also seen participating in the recording of the OST in her related dramas. Despite her busy schedules, Park Shin Hye still makes time for voluntary work. Park Shin Hye is seemed to be the most succesful actress for the development in 10 years. She has also demonstrated wonderful acting skills in her latest drama 'Flower Boys Next Door'. The related media had also shared with the public many Behind The Scene pictures and short videos of Shin Hye. These has allowed us to further understand her growth in the industry and also, shared with us the interesting filming process with actress Park.

Part 1: Walking out from innocent to mature
When you are reviewing Park Shin Hye's personal resume, you would probably find that Park Shin Hye's age is not old, yet she has a rich experience in acting.

From the year 2003 acting in 'Stairway to Heaven', she was the young Han Jung-suh. With her good acting skills, she was awarded the SBS Drama Awards: Child Actress Award for it. Her appearance in Stairway to Heaven had made a deep impression to the public.

Besides that, in the year 2006, she had cameo in the movie 'Lizard' and also challenged herself to act in 2 personalities for the movie 'Evil Twin'. In the movie 'Evil Twin', Park Shin Hye has acted well in expressing both of the roles in it.

In early 2008, she enrolled herself in a Korea university majoring in drama and focus on her studies. Until October 2009, where she has faded in the showbiz industry for about a year, she made a hit comeback for 'You're Beautiful'. In the movie, she acted for 2 persons, Go Mi Nam and Go Mi Nyu. Despite being in disguise as a guy, her popularity rose greatly and thus, there was a 'Park Shin Hye' hot wave by fans.

In the latest drama that has just ended 'Flower Boys Next Door', Park Shin Hye worked with actor Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon, Go Kyung Pyo and others. Park Shin-hye acted as Go Dok-mi. A modern Rapunzel, she has locked herself up in her "tower" to hide from the world and Yoon Shi-yoon as Enrique Geum, living opposite her. He is a genius who developed a wildly successful video game at 17, he is fun-loving, talkative, bohemian and can't get enough of soccer.

Comparing the roles that Shin Hye has acted in 'You're Beautiful' and 'Heartstrings', 'Flower Boys Next Door' role as Go Dok Mi has more affection and feelings which is closer to reality.

Sina: Lets share about your feelings for the end of filming for the drama

ShinHye: I am now getting used to it. Before this, my body still don't feel that its all ended. Sometimes I will tend to wake up later than usual but thinking that "It has ended", I feel emptiness. There are also times when I feel so busy that I can't catch my breath.

Sina: Please share to us some "inside stories" when you accepted the drama 'Flower Boys Next Door'

ShinHye: After receiving the scripts, I went online to read and download the webtoons. I felt it was interesting, especially the role of being Dok Mi as it is different from all the other roles that I have acted before. Hence, I like it very much.

Sina: Did you accept this role because you wanted a different image?

ShinHye: I did not really go to change myself a lot to change my image. I just feel that being Dok Mi, I will be able to demonstrate the natural side of me. Besides that, 'Flower Boys Next Door' has many scenes that left deep impressions in me, that was why I accepted to film for it.

Sina: I guess you have many feelings while you were acting as Go Dok Mi?

ShinHye: The role of Dok Mi has gave me the opportunity to re-examine the troubles of facing others when alone and because of this, I have learnt how to solve the problem of misunderstandings. In particular, I have learnt a way to reduce stress because Dok Mi's way is to learn how to smile in a natural way and also, learnt to treasure the people around me.

Sina: Seems like you have become even more feminine due to the role of Dok Mi?

ShinHye: Previously, people always think that I'm innocent and now because of Dok Mi, people feel that I am more feminine. Sometimes Go Dok Mi is very feminine and sometimes like a young girl. When I'm acting as Go Dok Mi, I have gained a lot of male fans. In the recent birthday celebration sports event (Birthday Fanmeeting), I was shocked that I actually have so many male fans. I was really happy and satisfied deep down in my heart.

Sina: What is the deepest impression scene in 'Flower Boys Next Door'?

ShinHye: Dok Mi's feelings were all kept in her memory. Even when she raised her voice to Enrique Geum, "Please get out", she revealed her real inner self. Because Dok Mi do not have ups and downs in her feelings, these sudden feelings that exploded out in the scenes gave the deepest impression. I am happy to be able to feel her journey of growth. 

Sina: There are topics where Dok Mi made the audience so touched that they cried. Are there any dialogue that left deep in your memory?

ShinHye: "There are many people who are rude to people's wounds". This sentence is very memorable to me.

Sina: What is Go Dok Mi to Park Shin Hye?

ShinHye: She is like a friend who suffered from the same pain and distress 10 years ago, saying goodbye. I am now feeling grown-up due to her.

Sina: If you were to write a letter to Dok Mi, what would you write?

ShinHye: To Dok Mi: Dok Mi and Enrique should be living happily together now right? No matter what problems you are facing, hope that you will be able to use the Dok Mi method to overcome them. I would also hope that your love relationship with Enrique will last long and smoothly. And, focus on writing on the book that you have always wanted to write about.

Sina: Because of the cable tv limitations of the countries that this media is able to provide, has this ever been one of your problem when selecting for this drama?

ShinHye: Recently I don't feel that there is any dfference in the cabled tv station and the non-cabled ones. I am surprised to find out that many people are watching on cabled tv station. Maybe it's because 'Reply 1997', 'Queen Inhyun's Man' and 'I Need Romance' were also being broadcast, the reactions were very strong, that is why there are many people who were watching. 

Sina: Were the reactions for 'Heartstrings' not to satisfactory level?

ShinHye: It was the small accident that delayed the drama. Due to that accident, it has incurred much pressure and we faced unforeseen situations. I even felt so depressed for my career, there were still crew staff who needed to tolerate me. I felt really stressful. Although it was not to the extend that I felt so dispirited, my body and mind were really exhausted. 

---End of Part 1---

Part 2: The encounter with pretty guys was coincidental
Many people say Park Shin Hye is so good to have strong fate with pretty guys. Earlier in 'Tree of Heaven', Shin Hye worked with Lee Wan. In 'You're Beautiful', she worked with Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hong Ki. Now in 'Flower Boys Next Door', she worked with Yoon Si Yoon. Shin Hye has worked with so many hot pretty guys and from the start of her career, she seemed to be always surrounded by pretty guys. This kind of treatment is so rare for us. 

Sharing about this topic, Park Shin Hye told us that her lively and informal self have let her to be very comfortable with them. 

She has already known Jang Keun Suk way before she filmed for 'You're Beautiful' during one of her conmercial film (Etude House). For Jung Yong Hwa, she knew him when they were shooting for 'You're Beautiful' and when they filmed for 'Heartstrings', they became even better friends. As for Lee Hong Ki, they are the same in age. Hence, they usually will be like "brothers" to each other and play around together. Then for Yoon Si Yoon, they became good friends because of 'Flower Boys Next Door'. Besides them, Park Shin Hye's fate with other pretty guys includes:  Jung Il Woo, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Jong Suk and others. The encounter with all these pretty guys were due to the filming for endorsements, MV cameo and etc. Shin Hye clearly did not go to look for pretty guys to work with and they only became friends after working with each other. Regarding about her ideal type, although she mentioned Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa and Yoon Si Yoon on variety shows, the one who is irreplacable in her heart is Won Bin.

Sina: If you were Go Dok Mi, who will you choose between Enrique and Jin-rak?

ShinHye: I would choose Enrique, because I feel that having the right amount of excitment will arouse one's curiousity. I would then follow his footsteps unknowingly and shall be surprised to the changes that I am undergoing. 

Sina: 'Flower Boys Next Door' has many sweet scenes, which ones are those you would like to do it too when you are on a date?

ShinHye: I would just like to try holding each other's hand and have a stroll at Samcheong-dong street. Although to many people this is a very normal thing, to me it's not. And, although it has never been plotted in the dramas, I would like to try to have a baseball date.

Sina: Seems like you really have fate with the pretty guys in 'You're Beautiful', 'Flower Boys Next Door'?

ShinHye: The fate comes naturally, I did not pick for it. It is purely natural. Considering the looks and the spirits of them, the guys that I have worked together with are no doubt are pretty guys. I can't compare them individually. They all have great characters, just like the oppas in Flower Boys, we are good friends and I feel warmth being with them.

Sina: You have worked with so many male actors before, who exactly fits most perfect as your ideal type?

ShinHye: I don't think there is any.

Sina: You have worked with Jung Yong Hwa in 'You're Beautiful' and 'Heartstrings', are there frequent romance rumors about the both of you being together?

ShinHye: He is my best of friend. At first I thought to myself "How can this ever be true", but now, I thought again, "Actually the both of us really looked good together". Yong Hwa is a person who is very blended to his friends no matter who he is with. He is just like having the 'chemical reaction', that is why there are romance rumors from the public.

Sina: There have been quite a few topics for when the kiss between you and Yoo Seung-ho?

ShinHye: I knew him since young, that's why there was awkwardness during the filming. We get along pretty well, sometimes will fight and make noise with each other. I really felt awkward when acting as a couple with him, but Seung-ho's acting skill is really good. I think he will become more manly when he comes back from the army. At first there wasn't any kiss scene, it was only added in the last minute. I took it as it is just another scene for acting.

---End of Part 2--- 

Part 3: The joy and sorrow of being a child actress
The 23 years old Park Shin Hye has a working experience in the showbiz industry for a period of 10 years. Back then as a little girl, she debut in this industry as a child actress. She has undergone the most difficult times. Her natural acting skills in 'Stairway in Heaven' has made her being loved and looked up upon by the public. She had been through much pressure from the reports by the media and the public.

Not only that, she had to forsake her playing time with her friends due to her tight busy schedules  Park Shin Hye did not even had the time for the interaction with her friends. As she grows up, she could not go shopping, with her friends. Her memory of buying clothings in the shops out on the streets are lesser than anyone else. Whether it's good or bad, she would feel frightened when she got any comments from the public. There was even once where she got so frightened that she was afraid to step out of her house, and sometimes she could only go to her company for trainings. And because she debuted early, she never had the chance to receive systematic acting trainings, that was why the other work of hers followed behind 'Stairway to Heaven' was difficult to make a hit.

The public often would question about her acting skills, her outside beauty appearance and etc. Park Shin Hye said that back then she would tend to be very bothered about the comments made online and by the audience, but now, she will not bothered by it anymore. No doubt, her feelings will also not be affected as well.

Within these 10 years, Park Shin Hye chose to be very hardworking to shake off her child actress image, and gradually sought help to let herself further develop to be better. In 2008, being enrolled into the Korea University was a huge turning point for her. She felt very happy to be able to have further studies in school, majoring in drama. In her school life, she is happy no matter it's burning midnight oil to study or to go and buy snacks with her friends. Her identity as an actress did not affect the things that she did. She added on that she has little regrets that she had debuted in such an early age.

Currently, she is now attending her 4th year in the university and will be graduating soon. Earlier on when she had a tight and busy schedules, she delayed her graduation time. However, Park Shin Hye told us confidently that she will be able to finish her studies, graduate smoothly and on time.

Sina: There are times when your young aged photos were revealed online, what do you think of this?

ShinHye: I feel that it is interesting to see my young aged photos again. I would then think, "At that time, which movie and what scene was I filming for?". Then I would recall my about my past. Sometimes I would recall things that are new and interesting, and sometimes I would feel embarrassed.

Sina: When young, you debuted as a child actress. Now, how do you view about a child actress?

ShinHye: Kim Yoo Jung, Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Su Hyun, Jin Ji Hee and others are really outstanding as a child actor/actress. I was officially debut at the at 14 and now, there are even younger child actors/actresses debuted earlier than me.

Sina: How do you think of the acting skills of these child actors/actresses?

ShinHye: As a sunbae, I don't have any special comments about them because they are all really outstanding.

Sina: There are some child actors/actresses who did not managed to get further developed as an adult actor/actress. Do you have anything to say to them?

ShinHye: Maybe some of them do not want to become as an adult actor/actress. As a sunbae, I really want to tell them to have a good time enjoying their school life as a student. When I was in school, I blended well with the friends around me. We would go to the canteen together, we would doze off together in class, being scolded by lecturers, took exams together and etc. From that time till now, my friends and I are still very close together. They took me as a friend, and not as an actress. I seemed to have some words that cannot be expressed after coming back to reality after my filming  I am able to get back to the reality thanks to my clique of friends who shook off all those feelings in me.

---End of Part 3---

Part 4: Accumulate maturity, be in your helm for your life  
Being participated in a series of 3 idol dramas that has pretty guys in it, many people are perceiving that Park Shin Hye has already has her own style in her field. However, many do not know that she is actually still challenging herself to try out different roles.

In 2010, she acted in 'Cyrano Agency: The dating guru'. At that time, she worked with Uhm Tae-woong as her partner. Her acting skills in that movie has received good comments. In 2013, her latest movie 'Miracle in Cell No.7', Park Shin Hye once again demonstrated an image even matured than before, but at the same time, gentle and sweet. In this movie, her role is filled with energetic, character is bright and cheerful, but when she faced her mentally handicapped father (starring Ryoo Seung-ryong), she is deep in her thoughts and have heavy feelings in her. Her ability to express strong emotion has touched the hearts of the public.

In addition, this movie has box office exceeding a total of more than 12 million, Park Shin Hye expressed, "This year is my 10th year since I debuted, because of 'Flower Boys Next Door' and 'Miracle in Cell No.7', I have received much love and attention from everyone. This seems like the climax of my acting career to me.". She added on, "Each time when my past photos were revealed, the people around me will tell me that I have became prettier. Some others said I have became even more feminine than before. When I heard it, I was very happy.". 

In regards to her future plans, Park Shin Hye always will express that she would want to become like actress Audrey Hepburn, charming and mature. Even after the years, when Audrey Hepburn got old, she is still as bright as a star. 

10 years back when Park Shin Hye got into the showbiz industry, it was her curiousity that made her debut in such an early age. Her path in these 10 years was tough. After all her difficult times, she now, finally is one actress who brings charm to the people around her. This kind of charm came from her life accumulation, maturity, and also, her passion towards acting.

Sina: The momentum in 'Miracle in Cell No.7' was strong. Your tears left deep in the memory of the public. 

ShinHye: There are many movies that protrays motherly love and very few of fatherly love. During my filming, there were many times when I was thinking about my father, when he stood quietly behind and took good care of me. These feelings are all discovered when I was filming for this movie.

Sina: In near future, what kind of roles are you set to challenge on?

ShinHye: Action films and Love & romance film. Just like Angelina Jolie's action films 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ' and 'Salt', she was cool. For love & romance films, I would want to act in a heartbroken and sad storyplot.

Sina: Is it possible for you to use your real-life experience in love relationship for your love & romance films?

ShinHye: I cannot deny that I don't have any love-life experience at all. Each of us has a person whom we like, we will feel terrible during the break-up. Hence, these acting skills will definitely help for love & romance films.

Sina: Will you choose the scripts personally?

ShinHye: I think I will do better if I choose the script personally, because I am still searching for the ideal film that I would want to challenge on. I will spend a lot of time to think through and sort them out. My desire to present myself well is not to film for many work pieces. I would really prefer to do full preparation before I present myself to everyone to see and this needs time for me to get ready. I hope that I will be able to find work pieces that suits my age and are not too overwhelming. 

Sina: Your popularity is high in overseas too. Which country fans' gift is the most memorable to you?

ShinHye: Usually I would receive each countries' famous type of cuisine from my fans. Sometimes I received small assessories like necklaces. There were also traditional costumes from them. All these were very memorable to me.

Sina: Heard that you have a Sina weibo account to interact with your China fans?

ShinHye: Recently I have not been up on Sina weibo to give my greetings to my China fans, but I will soon be meeting them.

---End of Part 4/ End of interview---

Translations by Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub. 
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[VIDEO] Park Shin Hye greeted her China Fans in Mandarin

Transcription by Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub. 
Do not repost without proper crediting to us

Hello everyone, I am Park Shin Hye. I am happy to be able to meet all of you. 

Now I am meeting everyone after the end of shooting for 'Flower Boys Next Door'. For the past 3 months, I have been living as Go Dok Mi. 

This is now the time for me to get back to my usual self. I heard that many people in China also like 'Flower Boys Next Door', really thank you so much.

After the recent end of the shootings for the drama, I am now filming for endorsement photoshoots and also preparing for my Asia Tour activities. 

Estimating at the middle of April, I would be able to meet everyone in Shanghai and Beijing. Everyone please do keep supporting. 

I am also hoping that I could meet everyone is the fastest possible time and I will work hard to fufill it. Everyone please continue to support me, thank you!


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