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Monday, 25 March 2013

Park Shin Hye's message to support "Hunger Zero"

The venue for Korean actress Park Shin Hye's Japan, Tokyo, fanmeeting was held at Zepp Diver City on Sunday, March 24. At the same time, she is also encouraging her fans as she promote the  「ハンガー・ゼロ」(Hunger Zero) to help the needy children living in the rural areas of Africa. This fundraising project has received a total of 62,392 YEN (¥).

Park Shin Hye said, "The conditions in Africa is really serious. Due to the lack of food, the children there are facing hunger. Due to the unfavourable weather conditions, the country is facing drought. The people there have little water to drink. We, as the blessed people, should really stand out and help these unfortunate people. I hope I can take this oppoortunity to spread this message around and also, cheer on the little children in Africa."

The 62,392 YEN (¥) received from this fundraising project will be all be donated to this non-profitable organisation 「ハンガー・ゼロ」(Hunger Zero). In addition, Park Shin Hye's mother has also contributed her part to this project as she donated all the revenue earned for selling her handcrafted little gift at Park Shin Hye's Japan, Tokyo, fanmeeting. 

「ハンガー・ゼロ」(Hunger Zero) would like to thank everyone for your warm and gracious donations to help those who are in need. Special thanks to Park Shin Hye and her mother who has made such huge contributions to make this project a success.

Lastly, for those who also like to play a part to help the needy children fight hunger, please do sign up on this site:

Translated by: PSH SPORE


  1. It's great to see Shinhye remembering the less fortunate on this important occasion for her. These kinds of act are food for the soul and keeps one grounded.
    Reminds me of what my mother says, " the more abundant the fruits on a tree, more it bows/bends" Shinhye is a very good example of that. The more she is blessed, more she is humble and giving. Keep up the good work, Shinhye! :)
    I always thought you were raised well. No wonder .......with you following in your mother's footsteps.

    1. Yes I agreed with u! Good daughter,good mother! Tats why park shin Hye is so great!

  2. she's so beautiful inside and out..^^that's why we always love you..


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