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Monday, 20 May 2013

Park Shin Hye interview with iFenSi in Shanghai

Days ago, Korean actress Park Shin Hye held her 1st fanmeeting in Shanghai, "Kiss of Angel". As a child actress, Park Shin Hye has participated in many hot tv drama "Stairway to Heaven", "You're Beautiful", and etc. Her popularity soared up high. To commorate her 10th anniversary of being in the showbiz industry, she is now having her Asia Tour with 6 countries involved by spending close-up moments with her fans. Upon her arrival to Shanghai, Park Shin Hye was specially interviewed by iFenSi.

Translations by Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub
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Q: Question            SH: Park Shin Hye

Q: This is your 1st Fanmeet in China, how do you feel?
SH: Really happy, the other time I came was for TGC event. This time round is my first official fanmeet with my fans, the feeling is totally different.

Q: Previously, did you come to Shanghai?
SH: I came to Shanghai with my father 8 years ago, but that time I was very young, I could only recall that Shanghai is very big.

Q: Have you ever eaten Chinese delicacies?
SH: Steamboat, Stir-fry vegetables, I like them all

Q: In "You're Beautiful", the role of 'Go Mi Nam' is very welcomed by the Chinese fans from China. Recently, Taiwan has also remake this drama. How do you feel about your cameo in the first episode? 
SH: I really quite appreciate the director because he is also the director of "Hayate the Combat Butler" so I took time off specially to fly over to Taiwan to cameo in the drama. Personally, I feel that there is a difference in the Taiwan and Korea version, I am really looking forward to it. 

Q: In future, will you still challenge another role of disguising as a boy? 
SH: Not for now

Q: Previously you have worked together with many pretty Korean guys, which one of them do you feel that you have the chemistry with?
SH: Jang Keun Suk

Q: In the showbiz industry, your best friend(s) is(are)?
SH: "You're Beautiful"'s Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki and etc. In "Flower Boys Next Door" are Yoon Si Yoon and Park Soo Jin 

Q: "Flower Boys Next Door" is very popular in China. After debuting as a child actress, you have filmed quite a number of drama and movies. So, how do you manage your studies in between? 
SH: I have no problems in handling both of my career and studies. My acadamic results are quite good too 

Q: You often have to be on camera, so how do you maintain your complexion? Are there any special tips to share? 
SH: There isn't any special tips. It's just exercising and it is very important to remove your make-up cleanly. 

Q: You have many images, are there any roles that you would like to try?
SH: I really would like to try action films and be the fighting women 

Q: Are there any directors and actors from China that you would be looking forward to work together with? 
SH: Feng Xiao Gang(冯小刚), Yimou Zhang(张艺谋), John Woo(吴宇森) and etc, because there are many outstanding directors in China. I hope I will have the chance to work with them

Q: Do you have plans to make an album? What genre do you hope to try?
SH: I really wish to. I like Percussion and Korea also has a kind of Percussion beat but is not playing mainstream music. It belongs to the creation of orchestra music and I like it very much

Q: what are your future plans?
SH: Starting from August, I will be shooting for a new drama "Heirs", working with Lee Min Ho 

Q: What is the type of your ideal man?
SH: I feel that he must be someone like my father. Someone who is good at sports, culinary and also shows care and concern to family.

---The End---

Translations by Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub
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  1. Thanks for being quick in translation.....once again being the first. I knew I would find it here. :) this is the only way we remain updated with Shinhye's outlook, preferences and life.

  2. Thanks for posting the translation! I'd love to see Shin Hye in an action role. She's very athletic, so she would be perfect for it.

  3. love it thank you for the translaiton....also would like to ask any chance that someone from this fan club eng sub the video shin hye is on top gear korea?


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