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Monday, 6 May 2013

[MAG] Park Shin Hye on cover for iWeekly magazine in Singapore

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Interview with Park Shin Hye

The interview went on during the break time of the filming. The female lead appeared in the middle of the huge crowd.

During the interview, Korea was experiencing winter with frosty snowflakes. 

Hidden in layers of winter clothes, she looked petite and pampered. The Korean working crew kept reminding about the questions that I would raise because that day, she needs to cultivate her feelings and emotions for the filming. 

At the age of 14, she acted in <Stairway to Heaven> as the young Han Jung-suh. Her teary expressions engraved deeply in the audiences' memory, since then, she debuted her way up as an actress.

Her path of road in the snowbiz industry was not a smooth one during her transition from a young actress to a mature adult actress. 

In her first leading work of <Tree in Heaven> did not make it to the chart. Followed on was <Goong S>, which still, did not capture the hearts of the audience. In the recent years, her role to act as a male figure in <You're Beautiful> was a great hit. 

She has also acted in tvN <Flower Boys Next Door> as an introvert, Go Dok Mi. This drama has an overall ratings of 2%, which made it the highest drama ratings in the Korea cabled tv broadcast.

ShinHye: "Through Dok Mi, I felt that I have let the audience see the other side of me which I have not triggered in me. In the eyes of the public, I have always been a cheerful and lively girl. This time round, I have the chance to present a more serious and stern look."

In interviews, she would always say "I feel that Dok Mi has the same feelings about having to face people."

ShinHye: "As an actress, your life at any moment is in the eyes of the public. After a period of time, you will start to hide yourself, just like your personal life. I feel that Dok Mi and I are similar in this. Sometimes when people do not accept the real you, you will feel really hurt. This is also the reason behind why Dok Mi felt fear. I feel the same way for myself too.

In many times, when I showed the real me and not being an actress, the reaction of the other party hurts me... When there are times of online rumors and discriminating comments about me, I would feel very  startled. Especially those that has nothing to do with me, the things that I never did and the words that I never said. Whenever I faces these situations, I would choose to run away and hide myself up. This is why I feel that Dok Mi will have the same feelings as me."

Moreover, she is not a simple role to play, she is an introvert but frankly, enjoys friend's accompany. 

ShinHye: "I like people who treats me like a normal person, and not as a celebrity. After a busy day of filmings, I think that friends are the real factor of pulling me back to the reality. They fill up the emptiness in me."

As a child actress, with 10 years of experience, at the age of only 24, it is only wise to get the fame early. 

ShinHye: "I did not have much difficulty during the change of image because if I really want to accomplish one thing, I will put in my heart and soul to it."

However, there are times of helpless, especially the times when people do not take you seriously. 

ShinHye: "To many child celebrities, even though they have been working for a long time, they have accumulated many years of experience. As compared to those who are in this industry, they are still young. Sometimes, people will treat you as a child, and they will forget. You are now in this professional industry as a professional celebrity, this is the most difficult part to overcome. "

About her future path, she said, 
ShinHye: "In future, I believe I will still continue to act but, I do not know what kind of actress I will become. The thing that I can confirm is that I will continue to enjoy the joy in acting. I am also hoping that in the joy of acting, I will be able to affect my audience. In my personal life, I think I will want to be in a relationship, get married or maybe have a tour."

Interview with Yoon Si Yoon

Interview with Kim Ji Hoon

Short Comparison with other female celebrities

During the year of <Stairway to Heaven>, the 14 years old girl has grown up unconsciously. 
Her times of ups and downs, <You're Beautiful>, the role as a twin brother and sister, as been popular across Asia. In <Hearstrings>, her second reunion with Jung Yong Hwa, they have demonstrated a young and sweet story. She is being loved by everyone. Even in her recent drama <Flower Boys Next Door>, her role was to be an introvert lady. She still catches the hearts of her audience. 

In her leading movie <Miracle in Cell No.7>, the box office has a breakthrough of over ten million. Following on, her career is now moving to a level higher. Her upcoming work <Heirs> by "OnAir", <Secret Garden> and <A Gentleman's Dignity>, written by gold achiever director Kim Eun-sook and also being partnered with the popular idol Lee Min-ho. However, the greatest pity in this almost perfect grouping is that she is unable to reunite, for the third time, with her old partner, Jung Yong Hwa. 

---The End---

Disclaimer: Translations by Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub, 
do not repost, just link back to our site.
[PS: This is a Park Shin Hye Fanclub, we are oblige only to translate interviews about Park Shin Hye]


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