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Monday, 26 August 2013

Park Shin Hye receives recognition for "Miracle in Cell No.7" law court scene

Korean actress Park Shin Hye acted in the movie "Miracle in Cell No.7" as the daughter of a mentally handicapped father. Her role is as a lawyer, defending her father in the high court. In the film, she has demonstrated great acting skills, showing hidden pain, strong and decisive on the surface. Her heart embraces her real feelings towards her father. Park Shin Hye has indeed made a break through on her acting skills as compared to her previous acting roles. On her image, she has presented herself a new look filled with justice and courage.

This movie has been a hit in the Korea theatres and Park Shin Hye has also been awarded the "Popular Movie Actress Award" in the 49th Paeksang Arts Awards. The child actress, Park Shin Hye, is now 23 years old. She acted in "Stairway to Heaven" as her debut work and had acted very well in her role. She was then received award-winning recognition.

After that, she had been taking on commercial shoots, MV and dramas projects. In fact, she had completed all with great performances. Park Shin Hye's most popular work is "You're Beautiful". In the drama, she acted as both male and female figures with a band of 3 other guys. For her 1 person acting for 2 roles, she received applauding excellence in her acting. Hence, her popularity increased tremendously not only in Korea, but also across Asia. She then made cameo appearance in the Taiwan remake of "You're Beautiful" in episode 1.

Since then, Park Shin Hye has accepted 3 romance idol dramas consecutively. However, in order to break away from her "Teen Idol" image, she accepted her role in "Miracle in Cell No.7" with a mindset of having a break through in her acting skills. During the times when the movie was up in the Korea theatres, Park Shin Hye was not being revealed on the promotional posters and also in the movie trailer. This showed that her movie on-screen time were not really much, but it was not a matter to her.

Director Lee Hwan-Kyung explained, at that time, he did not reveal his "Triumph Card" is because he was hoping that everyone could have a surprise in the movie and the surprise shall be Park Shin Hye. Park Shin Hye honed her acting skills and she learnt legal terms taught by the professionals for the courtroom scene.

Park Shin Hye feels that till now, drama plots like "Miracle in Cell No.7" are rare - Portraying the deep love towards father, she had also did homework to portray the feelings. Every take in the courtroom scene, she persisted not to apply any eye drops. She was confident that she will be able to feel herself in the role and allow her tears to drop naturally. "Miracle in Cell No. 7" will be officially released in the Taiwan theatres on 30 August 2013.


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