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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

[Flower Boys Next Door] Park Shin Hye interview

English translations of Park Shin Hye's interview for "Flower Boys Next Door"

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-The Start-

A young women peeking at her neighbour. She is a single living women living in the world of her own. This modern Rapunzel is also the daughter of a prisoner. She is determined to save her wrongly accused father from the jail. tvN drama [The Flower Boys Next Door] is being broadcasted earlier than the movie [The Gift of Room 7] which falls on 24th January. In this beginning of the year, Park Shin Hye's 2 films are being aired. She is now enjoying her fruits of labour that she has put in in the year of 2012. Come again, this is her 10th year since her debut [Stairway to Heaven]. As a young actress, she has now grown to a mature and popular actress.

Q: I heard that you have won '2012 KBS Drama Awards' with your representing work [Don't Worry, I'm a Ghost]? Congratulations to you.

- Thank you. I have received a lot of strength. (from fans)

Q: Is the excitement in filming one-act plays higher than those mini series dramas and movies?

- In one-act plays, it is more special and is potentially contained. I guess it is rather difficult to concentrate on one-act plays because of the characters and the representation of it just in one episode. [Don't Worry, I'm a Ghost] was broadcasted last year on 15th July. The story is about Moon Ki (Bong Tae Kyu) who was involved in an accident. When he wakes up, he does not remember his name, family members or where he lives. Along the way, he meets Yeon Hwa (Park Shin Hye), who introduces herself as a ghost. The two lives and stories are intertwined.

Q: Aside from winning the award, what does work mean to Shin Hye ssi?

- The filming for [Heartstrings] was difficult to finish because even after the accident, my body is still having after-effects of it. During one of the filming days, the wounds caught me by surprise and I was unfit for shootings. Thus, resulting in the postpone of the broadcast. That time, I really felt terrible. There are things or opportunities that have been placed in front of me but I did not managed to catch them. I  held a overseas fanmeetings but it is difficult for me to meet them again. During the period of recuperating, I received the offer for [Don't Worry, I'm a Ghost]. It was quite interesting to get a role of being a 'ghost'. After further reading of the character script, I felt that this could be a new opportunity for me. It was like hearing a soft voice telling myself to accept this offer with a positive mind that I can do it.

Q: I don't think that [Heartstrings] is the only drama that has attained high viewership rates but, somehow I feel that you don't have anymore noticeable work since that. How was your 2012 like?

- Once you attend school, you will be very busy. Now I am finishing my 3rd year second semester. I will continue the remaining in this year. I did not spend a lot of time as a student in 2012 because of the nature of my work. I am someone who likes to learn something like riding bikes, wakebroading and I have learnt them. Aside that, I really wanted to film [The Gift of Room 7]. 

Q: You mentioned after the accident, you are having after-effects? So what are the after-effects that you are having now?

- It is fine during normal days but it hurts during raining days. (laughs) After 2 days of the accident, bending my body hurts. I felt saddening because I'm only at this age. "Raining tomorrow? Body will be aching... " Even the legs will be in pain. Looking at this situation, the after-effects of the traffic accident will really stay with you a lifetime.

Q: How did you get your role in [Flower Boys Next Door]?

- During last year October, I got the role when I was shooting for [The Gift of Room 7]. The original [I peek at him everyday] really brings joy. 'Go Dok Mi' in the romantic drama is a innocent character who does not have a sweet brother. I was having second thoughts as I was worried that I could not express the character good enough. 

Q: I guess Shin Hye ssi is now having a brighter and healthier image roles as compared to when you had just made your debut.

- Yes, I have been receiving roles that are brighter and more lively. The role in Flower Boys gives me a fantasy feel but at the same time also gives me a reality feel. 


Q: Director Jung Jung Hwa directed romantic comedies [Sweet Lies (2008)] and [Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2011)]. What are your views for the character for "Go Dok Mi"? 

- The director said it is better not to make the role a darkening one. Dok Mi is one who is hurt by loved ones and that is why she became an introvert but, she is not sick. Being a timid and quiet girl is not someone to discriminate. The director made this character very detailed and at the same time, someone who lives well. 

Q: Do you share any similarities with Go Dok Mi?

- I think that could be the things that we do. Sometimes I can be very muddle in the things that I am doing. To be honest, I am a muddle person. No doubt that I feel like I'm myself when I'm acting but, being able to express the feelings is difficult. Somehow I feel that I am able to understand Dok Mi's wounds too.

Q: Do you feel burdened because you have to follow accordingly to the webtoon's character?

- You will feel different after you know what the webtoon is about. I will try to adapt to the character of the webtoon when I am reading it. The feelings will vary on different readers but, Flower Boys has made a few changes in the new drama. Love line changes for a reason.

Q: Since the beginning of the year, we have been anticipating a 'dazzling' atmosphere. (laughs) The flower boys are receiving a lot of love?

- Yes, especially Enrique (Yoon Si Yoon) and Jin Rak (Kim Ji Hoon).

Q: However, Park Shin Hye ssi seems to have quite a few roles in the pasts that has unrequited love? Take for exmple [Cyrano Agency: The dating Guru (2010)] and [Heartstrings (2011)]. Even [Flower Boys Next Door] too have unrequited love, seems like you have acquired many experiences in this field?

- Having acted in these roles for a few times, eventually, the ending will be confession....

Q: Do you feel tired of unrequited love? Does your heart feels rewarding?

- I guess the relationship (unrequited love) would want to be undiscovered. You have to be careful to hide from the people. It is not surprising that one who has unrequited love is not after any reciprocation. Your heart will feel good just to see that person living well. 

Q: What comes to your mind upon receiving [The Gift of Room 7] script?

- I read the script when I was on the airplane and decided on it. It was the characters that made me decide on the movie because it has very good seniors (Ryu Seung-ryong, Oh Dal-su, Park Won Sang, Kim Jung Tae) to work with. It is really good to be able to work with them even if I would be busy till I can't catch my breath.

Q: Shin Hye ssi did not appear in the trailer of [The Gift of Room 7], is it because of  character anticipation?

- I am appearing as the daughter who has grown up. There isn't many scenes of the grown up daughter. Many people will be surprised.(laughs) This movie sometimes make people laugh in delight but also will make people cry in sadness. This movie has all the elements of feelings.

Q: Thinking back, the movie [Cyrano Agency: The dating Guru] had a surprising reaction as it was well received by people. The movie seems to have a clear criteria.

- For the movie character, I have tried the challenges that I am looking for. 'Private' investigator character is the new typed of role that I have acted in. Hence, it was really surprising when the movie was well received. I have learnt a lot from characters to characters. I hope I can learn more in the future. For those who have watched the movie, thank you so much.

Q: Since your debut [Stairway to Heaven (2003), it has been a good 10 years. Is it realistic to you?

- To be frank, I don't feel good about it. Since young, I perceived it more than just a dream. At the start of my career, it was still strange for me to adapt to a new life and change to a new me. For a period of 20 years, it really seems to become a reality to me. Looking back at the past 10 years, I really feel that I have been through a lot. I would really like to look back to the every moment after all these things have ended. 

Q: If you looked back, you seemed to be having work more than having fun for the past 10 years. 

- That's right. "Viewership ratings" does not come by luck. I have met many people who taught me many things. It is a very basic thing in this industry. 

Q: Some people pointed out "Can you be more explosive?". If Park Shin Hye is called "Ah! That idol!", is it fortunate to be have that kind of popularity?

- Many people think that you must have a strong image in order for people to remember you. Just like for example Shin Se-kyung's 'innocent image'. I have been thinking about this if one really needs image like this but I believe that this will not last long among the people. People will get tired of it. If I am a bright star, I do not need anything to make it shinier,  it will still shine. I think we should all try to find the light that belongs to us forever. 

Q: You have an image of 'Randy Shin Hye!'.

- Hahaha. That image! ('Randy Shin Hye nickname was named in 2006 when she pitched an opening baseball game and her pose was so perfect like the pitcher Randy Johnson)

Q: When do you start to like baseball?

- My first pitch was in 2006. It's too fun to sit down and watch the game of baseball in university! Been paying attention to baseball since then. I'm always cheering KIA Tigers, Gwangju. The year 2009, KIA Tigers made their revival with a double victory. I screamed with joy when Najiwan player made the pop! I'm not not kidding that I had shed tears of delight.

Q: Why was baseball so fun to you?

- I love the sound of the ball flying in the air and when the ball is caught by the gloves. Baseball make use of your feel to catch the ball. It's very engaging to see scores like 1-2, 2-3. The atmosphere is filled with fun and cheers. I like it as it feels like you are surrounded with a vibrant surrounding.

Q: Do you play sports when you feel down?

- That's what I'm trying to say. What if you can't have great vitality in life? I just want to have more of it. There seems to be a decrease in playgrounds to me. Every time as we enter a building, I just felt that it is missing of something. If you can live with vitality, I hope that you can play a part in changing the society. It's turning bad nowadays....

Q: What are some healing secrets of Shin Hye's?

- Our dogs in the house. I really love animals a lot. I also like to ride my bike. Pixie (픽시) is my bike and the speed is solely dependent on the gear. Riding uphill is hard(laughs), running and watching the flowing water in the river while listening to music is the best healing method to me. Nowadays is so cold that I would prefer to read and eat tangerine under my warm blanket.(laughs) Sometimes I would go and enjoy parties with my friends.

Q: What are your views of a 'Temporary star'. How in an actress' view this situation?

- It is not worrying at all. Comparing being a 'Temporary star' with being a 'Continuous star', is not what I should be worrying about. I will do what is within my ability to let people see my hard work. I will keep the rights to stop and continue whenever I would want to. 

Q: When I looked back for the past 10 years, seems like Park Shin Hye has made it to her 3 most turning points in her life?

- The most influential one is my debut work [Stairway to Heaven]. It pulled out as 1st in place in viewship ratings of 26%. It is a big number to a child actress at that time.  The second was [Tree of Heaven (2006)] when I was in my teens. The third one was [You're Beautiful] when the director decided to give me an adult role and I made it. Finally, I am proud to say 'Park Shin Hye' has made it.

Q: The title 'Hallyu star' arised because of [You're Beautiful]?

- That's right. I have received tremendous blessing from it.

Q: What are your upcoming overseas scheduled activities?

- I am now preparing for overseas fanmeeting. Planning to have an Asia tour which is expected to last for one and a half month. I see 'Asia tour' as an opportunity given to me to get closer to my overseas fans. I do not know what will happen in the far future but I will promise that I will work hard and be in my top condition. 

Q: I heard that your manager as been with you for about a period of 9 years?

- I know that I have someone who is willing to stand by my side in my life. I have been through meetings and partings, and my manager, who is like a brother to me, has stayed with me all these while, just like my high school friends. Since high-school , Park Shin Hye was able to get along with the showbiz actors, brothers, sisters and made friends with them. It was really comfortable to have them as my friends. 

Q: Have you ever heard of this phrase "You've changed"?

- Seems like becoming more sensitive than before. To say the truth, the meaning of it has changed gradually over the years. 

Q: Stars' fame arises can be due to to many reasons but we must also take into considerations the stress that they are undergoing. Being a Star, one will need to learn how to manage one's stress. 

- That's right. We should not give in to stress "I suck!" but even sometimes I say this to myself.(laughs) However, you will soon forget about the stress if you keep a positive mind. When the people around you are hurt again, you must tell yourself that the problem can be overcomed. The word 'recognized' is the same as the ones the politicians are talking about. I do not think that an actor is living on the people's taxes to continue his profession. I have seen many types of people. To tell such a story, we could get a good fee.(laughs)

Q: What do you hope last year?

- "The remind of daebak works", my heart is filled with gratitude and and I am thankful. Laughter has sent me hopes. This year, is hoped to be tolerant to ourselves. Hence, we should all step a step forward with a free mind to achieve greater heights. 

-The End-

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