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Thursday, 24 January 2013

'Flower Boys Next Door' ratings soared faster than 'Answer Me'!

On the 23rd, tvN hot drama "Flower Boys Next Door" (directed by Jung Jung Hwa), the viewership for episode 6 was 2.72% (TNms, Cable subscription basis and etc). The highest ratings on average is 3.26%. For the age viewership, 45.76% was achieved among an average of 10 women and men aged between 10-30 ranked 1.

This year tvN hot drama 'Flower Boys Next Door' cable viewership went up even faster than last year tvN drama 'Answer Me 1997'. The national viewership for 'Answer Me 1997' episode 6 was 1.6% (All-time favourite up to 2.1%). 'Flower Boys Next Door' has successfully won against 'Answer Me 1997' and has attracted even more attention.

'Flower Boys Next Door' is a romantic comedy about a girl named Go Dok Mi (starring Park Shin Hye) who locks her self in her ′tower′ from the world, is caught spying on the man living next door by Enrique Geum (starring Yoon Si Yoon).

In the broadcasts, it revealed plots where Dok Mi's high school friend, Cha Do Hwi (starring Park Soo Jin), was interested in the Flower Boy Oh Jin Rak (starring Kim Ji Hoon but, Jin Rak was interested in Dok Mi instead. During this episode, Dok Mi has flashbacks about how she was being bullied and treated by Do Hwi during her high-school days. The love triangular relationship continues.

Meanwhile, 'Flower Boys Next Door' is a webtoon from 'I peek at him everyday'. This drama is expected to have a total of 16 episodes with the main casts of Park Shin Hye, Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon, Go Kyung Pyo, Park Soo Jin and Mizuta Kouki. The broadcast is on every Monday and Tuesday, at 11pm KST.

Source: Nate


  1. Thank you very much for this translation!
    I very happy that this drama won against "Answer Me 1997" (even if I didn't watch it yet xD)
    Shinhye & Siyoon are a funny couple and I want to see more of their aventures *o* (and also know more Oh Jinrak and his secret!)

  2. so many people love this drama of PSH, YSY, & KJH...Ko Kyung Pyo & Kouki Mizuta included. it's not surprising that its rating is going higher and higher. i hope it would reach more than 5% before it ends. we all love FBND!!! - yohan lei

    1. Yes agree with you.I also hope it would reach 5%.I saw the drama, Shin Hye acts very well.

  3. hello i'm the fan of PSH and i'm korean
    the right transtlation of"이웃집 꽃미남 "is "neighborhood pin-up boys" 한국 사람 맞아요 ㅋㅋ

    1. Hi Sean,
      The Korean title '이웃집 꽃미남' and the English title are both set officially by Oh Boy! project. We are not the ones who gave this title. :)


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