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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

[NEWS] The smart Park Shin Hye, could only choose to stop schooling... Why is this so?

Korean actress Park Shin Hye is a smart student. Despite having to sleep 3~4 hours a day, she still did not give up her academic.

Even though the rose of the title 'Ghostly Student' surfaced, she still persevered in her academic. With her enthusiasm towards her studies, she managed to attain a GPA* of more than 3.0. However, what is the reason for her to stop attending school for the time being?

According to her entertainment agency, S.A.L.T, they responded, "Park Shin Hye has made this decision to temporary stop schooling. Although we know that Park Shin Hye has passion and determination for her studies, taking a break from schooling is now the only option. About this matter, Park Shin Hye herself also felt sorry and it is really a pity."

Since the year 2008, Park Shin Hye has been enrolled into Chung-Ang University, majoring in drama and movie and this is her 4th academic year. Due to her extremely hectic schedule, she have to make this decision.

During her February interview with ENEWS, she said jokingly, I'm working so hard not to miss any classes, my agency hates it. I wanted to learn well."

About Park Shin Hye's temporary stop schooling matter, the reason provided by her company is because Park Shin Hye is now preparing for her Asia tour Fanmeetings. Since the start of March, She has held Fanmeeting in The Philippines and in Japan. In the month of April, she filmed for 'Love of Rock, Scissors and Paper'. In May, she will be preparing for her China Fanmeeting activities. Due to her high activness in her showbiz career, she have to temporary stop her studies because it is very difficult for Park Shin Hye to keep a balance in her career and studies.

However, the real reason is behind all these. Park Shin Hye revealed that, she can still make it to some classes and meet the minimum requirements for a grade, she do not want to do it that way. She wants to study properly when she has the time for it.

During the interview, she revealed, "For the sake of her juniors, she should quickly get graduated. It's time to prepare my thesis statements. I have to prepare well for my Asia tour. Although the process of everything is not easy, I really want to enjoy my university life. I hope to have an upright graduation."
It is different to be a celebrity, this is one of the reason for her reason.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye will be having Fanmeeting in China during May 2013. She has been practicing hard in piano and others for her upcoming Fanmeetings.

*GPA = Grade Point Average

Source: Nate


  1. She must be very busy and wanted to do best in her career and life.All the best for her in whatever she do..I love her so much and will support her chosen path..May she find peace and happiness in her life as the brightest star ever..God bless her.

  2. I hope and pray that shinhye would realize all her dreams. I love and support her!:) yohan lei


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