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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Actress Park is happy to receive gifts from her fans on her filming set

The Fans from Heartstrings Gallery (DCinside) went to Shinhye's filming set to gift her things to keep herself warm. How thoughtful they are! 

Upon receiving the gifts, Shinhye wore it immediately and even posted a photo of her 'Go Dok-mi" biscuits and her selca on her personal twitter. 

This shows that Shinhye really love her fans and appreciate the gifts that she has received from her fans!! Way to go Starlight Angels!!!^^ 

The Fans also gave her a gift box and Shinhye signed on it. Isn't it lovely?

The shoes that was given to Shinhye. Shinhye wore it and also took a picture of it to upload on her twitter. Sweet♥

Lastly, the Fans gave her a flower blanket to keep herself warm from such a cold weather. 
Actress Park, fighting!!! 
Flower Boys Next Door, Fighting!!


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