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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Park Shin Hye ranks 5th as the most pretty female borned in the 90s'

It has been a rumor that the female celebrities borned in the 90s' are as pretty as those who are borned in the 94s'. The ladies have been ranked. 

What do you think?

1. SNSD Yoona (윤아)

2. SNSD Soo Young (수영)

3. Park Bo Young (박보영)

4. Davichi Kang Min Kyung (강민경)

5. Park Shin Hye (박신혜)

6. Shin Se Kyung (신세경)

7. Go A-Ra (고아라)

8. Sistar Bo-Ra (보라)

Source: Nate


  1. I completely disagree.

    the rest, has been in one way or another have been physically (surgically or cosmetologically) photoshopped.

    Shin Hye is "honestly real". and for those under the wing of entertainment companies, they market their "photoshopped girls" as "goddess of beauty" when they are not. its pure "marketing" - meaning they are packaged as "goddesses of beauty" but beauty is very subjective (i.e. i don't find yoona nor park bo young as more beautiful than shin hye. i saw these girls in person - and they are photogenic, but not even.)

    that's my opinion.

    1. i agree with you. ;)

    2. Yes I totally agree with you too. However, Yoona and the others have won due to their high popularity as compared to Shinhye. The article source is from Nate.

    3. yoona won because she's beautiful not only because she's popular. and be contented that shin hye got the 5th place.

  2. haha yes, the first 2, they won because of their popularity, but seriously in my opinion, they cant compare with Shin Hye (She's THE best) :)

  3. I don't agree with this.. shin hye is beautiful not only physically, she is beautiful inside and out..

  4. I don't agree with this!shin hye's beauty is so natural.. she is beautiful inside and out.that is why, yong is so inlove with her.. ^^

  5. park shin hye hv natural beauty inside and outside!

  6. In "Don't Worry I'm a Ghost" Shin Hye dove 5 meters deep, same in YAB. If she went through the knife, that's a "MUST NOT DO" from the doctor and you're come out of the water twisted here and there. Shin Hye is very natural, that 5-meter deep dive (2x) is tangible proof that she is who she is.

    In addition, she loves wake boarding and that's another sport where you'll find twists here and there if you went through the knife.

    I suggest that to test whether any of these ladies went under the knife is to push them under water - perhaps 5 meter deep too.

    I disagree with the article.

  7. Without makeup or surgery should be taken into account. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Imagine the chaos in the world if every person found one person the most beautiful. My personal ranking from above is:
    1. Shinhye. Not only her looks but her smile, expressions and mannerisms all make her more beautiful than anyone else.
    2. Goara. Beautiful too.
    3. Shin se kyung . Attractive.
    4. Yoona. Pretty when makeup. Dresses stylishly but too thin.
    5. Soo young . Cute, nice smile
    6. Park Bo young
    7. Davichi and bora

  8. She has natural beauty. The only part is her nose which she herself claimed that she needs to do something. Now that she is popular, she is afraid to do it.
    Peope around her also discourage her from doing any plastic surgery. Chinese or in the Asia context, a girl who had a 'perfect' face is always has a short-lived or unhappy marriage.

  9. Sorry I referring to Park Shin Hye . She has natural beauty.

  10. Park Shin hye has unique beauty among korean female celebrities.. besides she was once a child actress you see no difference in her face ..
    It's like... Hello?? c'mon guys.. at first sight you can easily identify or remember her beautiful angelic face.. she's unique unlike others who almost look like twins or triplets lol.. i mean .. yeah they are pretty too but their face is just common in hallyuwood ..their beauty is just identical with other stars..apparently because of plastic surgery XD


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