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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Park Shin Hye discussed her experience with car accident

Park Shin Hye discussed her experience for encountering a car accident and had bruises on her face and cracks on her ears.

 On the 25th, Park Shin Hye discussed her experience in a car accident during the period of shooting "Heartstrings' drama on SBS variety show. Park Shin Hye expressed that upon meeting the car accident, her agency assured that actress Park is fine in order to ease down netizens. However, the truth was not like that.  

Park explained "The four wheels of the cars came off and the side seat at the front beside the driver was also gone. The co-workers were also hospitalised for 4 months. I was sitting at the front seat beside the driver with legs up and rest on the seat. During the accident, the car drawers in front of the front seats took much of the impact."

After the real disclosure of the accident, it do not seems to be a small car accident as reported earlier on. 

Park Shin Hye continued "The safety belt and my neck were all injured and my ears cracked. We were all being sent to the nearest hospital in the fastest possible time. However, there were only hospital doctors available and no specialised doctors at that moment. In the end, I was given 12 stitches. "

Furthermore, Shin Hye also said after the accident, she was grateful to the doctors to be able to receive treatment in time as she do not have to delay the shootings for Heartstrings. Shin Hye went to have the shootings as usual because her body did not sense any signs of pain. However, she was not able to get up at all the next day. Her body was stiff up like stones. And because of this, the 1st episode of Heartstrings was postponed. 

Park Shin Hye continued to express her feelings "I felt very disappointed because of the postponed of the broadcast. Due to this, I cried a lot of times. I used the plaster to cover the injuries I had on my face but during the shootings, I had no choice but to take them off. You will notice it if you look at it carefully but there are still some bruises. The director looked at me and then turned back with sour nose.

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