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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

[FIND OUT] Park Shin Hye for Singapore Fanmeet!

Make this happen!!!! In order for the entertainment in Singapore to bring Shin Hye in, they need to know the amount of fans Shin Hye has. To verify this, we are told to gather information from you guys to get an estimated amount of people who will be attending Shinhye's Fanmeet in Singapore. To avoid misunderstandings, no details of the Fanmeet at set yet.

For Starlight Angels from Singapore, it is now time for YOU to show the media how strong Shin Hye's fanbase is in Singapore! Blast them with huge responses and they will bring Shin Hye in!

Yesterday, we have received an email from X-entertainment and we were tasked to find out how many of YOU will be interested in attending Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanmeet that will, if confirmed, to hold it in the month of July 2013.

So!!!!! What are you waiting for?? Email us at or RSVP on Facebook to confirm your attendance!! If the response is good, Shin Hye may be coming to Singapore to meet all of us!!!

To whether Shin Hye holds a Fanmeet in Singapore strongly depends on YOU YOU and YOU now!!! Don't just read and exit the page, send us your response yeah!

Be quick! Send us an email or RSVP on Facebook if you will be interested to attend Shin Hye's Fanmeet in Singapore!!!

Do keep in mind: Park Shin Hye for Singapore Fanmeet depends on your responses! Do share this around with your friends!!!

NOTE: Nothing has been confirmed for this Fanmeet. 

朴信惠新加坡后援会收到可靠消息,如果信惠在新加坡有fanmeeting, 你们是否会参与?




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