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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Park Shin Hye was alarmed by an impersonating facebook account of hers

Today (17 April), actress Park Shin Hye brought across a message to everyone on her personal twitter saying "Saw my name floated on Facebook. My name, photos, birthplace, school and even all the friends that I know are all added to that account. What is going on...?", She expressed her alarmed response. 

Park Shin Hye saw the account by her name through Facebook's function "Suggested friends". This Facebook function is catered to all Facebook users to find people that they might know in real life according to some of the information entered in the users' profile. 

By using this function, actress Park Shin Hye came across to a similar account to hers. Feeling alarmed by the highly impersonation account, she was unable to hide her feelings and thus, brought this matter forward to her personal twitter. 

After reading her tweet, netizens commented, "Why impersonate Park Shin Hye... Who is doing this?", "Impersonating Park Shin Hye, we should all look out", "Impersonating Park Shin Hye, and still added all her acquainted friends, this is creepy" and etc. 

Besides her, recently, even celebrity accounts of Yoo Jae Suk, SuperJunior Lee Hyuk Jae, Park Ha Sun, SNSD SooYoung, Afterschool Lizzy are in the mist of reporting this matter to the social networking in-charge officer.

 Source: Nate


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