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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Park Shin Hye, preparing surprises for all her fans!

4HIM Entertainment, Park Shin Hye’s agency, has announced on February 7, “Marking her 23rd birthday, Park Shin Hye is planning to have an unofficial birthday party with Korean fans, and hold a meeting with Japanese fans.”

Her birthday party will be held on February 18 in downtown Seoul with members of her official fan club, Starlight Angels, invited to have a pleasant time together. A representative from her agency says, “Park is preparing pleasant events to share a great time together with fans and a surprise present to reciprocate fans’ love and support.”

Park has actively advanced into the Japanese entertainment world in partnership with IMX, a Korean entertainment company located in Japan. On February 24, Park’s independent fan meeting, entitled 'Angel's Birthday', will be held in Tokyo with 2,000 Japanese fans.

Someone from Park’s agency says, “We want to express sincere gratitude to fans who are delivering support from Asian regions including Vietnam, Malaysia, Peru, not to mention Korea, China and Japan, and various European areas. I heard that Park has kept almost all of letters and gifts from fans since her debut, being overflowed with a lively sense of gratitude. She is preparing a surprise gift for fans out of gratitude.”

A rep from IMX, a Japanese promoter of the actress, told enews on February 7, “It is rare for an actress to have this large of a solo fan meeting. Park Shin Hye possesses a doll-like appearance and strong acting abilities, and on top of it, dancing and singing abilities, making her a multi talented entertainer. You can feel strongly how great her popularity is in Japan.”

“In particular, she has a surprise gift for fans, so the fan meetings will be worth [your] high expectations,” the rep added.

Souce: tv report

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