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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Park Shin Hye's 23rd Birthday celebration with Seoul fan-meeting

Held at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, the fan-meeting took over most of the area that the place contained to host a birthday celebration cum a fan-meeting. Surrounded with friendliness yet official atmosphere, Ilji Art Hall was the perfect location for today(18.2.2012), Korea's leading young actress, Park Shin Hye.

The radiant actress, who rose to fame through the remarkably well-received SBS drama, You’re Beautiful, arrived at the venue with a dainty white dress complementing it with a navy blue blazer. Upon arriving, her smile never once faltered, starlight angels (fans) clapped and cheered her on with enthusiasm. She posed for photos with familiar figures who attended her fan-meeting.

Park Shin Hye then had a short session with the media to express her feelings and thoughts for this very fan-meeting where she have longed looked forward to. Eager members of the media formed a close circle around Park and her hosts, mimicking a rather synchronised performing troupe.

After which, Shin Hye headed to the stage to get the ball rolling for her fan-meeting session cum birthday celebration.

During the fan-meeting, she sang beautifully while playing a guitar which was said that the song was composed by her brother and herself, the title wasn't being named yet as thinking of all her starlight angels.

Shin Hye also presented her shuffling skills which made her angels jumping and skipping in excitement and joy.

During a break of the performance, she revealed of having her dream man of taller than 180cm, a man that she can respect and also has sense of humor. Furthermore, she emphasized that she will keep her hair long to allow everyone to see the pure image of hers delightfully.

A member of the A.N.JELL, Jung Yong Hwa, sent a birthday video to Shin Hye on behalf of Jang Keun Suk, Um Taewoong and members of the FTisland.

The special guests for today were Bongji and Nori and guess who are them? They are the 2 lovely sweet looking malteses, raised by Park Shin Hye herself.

Shin Hye express her gratitude on her twitter saying "늦은시간에 올리게되네요.. 여러분의 사랑 듬뿍 받으면서 너무 행복하고 감사한 시간이였습니다. 국내 팬분들 그리고 해외에서도 찾아와 주신 여러분 감사합니다..^^* 앞으로 더 열심히 노력하는 신혜가 되겠습니다..^^"

Translates: Late posting..I am really happy and thankful to receive all your love. Local and overseas fans came too, thank you everyone..^^* Shin Hye promise to do better in the future..^^

翻译:推晚了..收到你们的这份爱,我真的很开心也很感谢。来参加的有本地和外国的朋友,谢谢大家..^^ 信惠我以后会更加努力的..^^

Shin Hye's entertainment agency (@4HIM_ent) also tweeted "오늘 신혜양의 기쁜 날 함께해주신 팬 여러분, 즐거우셨는지요. 참 많이 감사합니다~!! (>_<)"

Translates: Starlight Angels who had spent a day with Shin Hye, hope all of you have had a great time. Really thankful to everyone~!!(>_<)


The fan-meeting has successfully ended. Thank you all starlight angels who have had made this very 23rd birthday of hers such a blissful one. It was so much joy seeing Park Shin Hye in person and presented so many performances to her starlight angels. Hopefully, Shin Hye will hold fan-meetings in other countries soon!

Picture source: DC. Please take out with full credits. Thanks.


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