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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Park Shin Hye thanked all her Starlight Angels from..

On the 17th February 2012, just a day before her birthday, actress Park Shin Hye tweeted "벌써부터 생일 축하해주시는분들이 많네요.^^ 고마워요. 말레이시아,일본,중국,대만,싱가폴,아랍,러시아,홍콩,필리핀,태국,베트남,호주,미국,캐나다.. 또.. 또.. 빠트린 곳 있나요.. 아아 앞으로 더 열심히 하는 신혜가되도록 하겠습니다^ㅡ^ 해외에서 많은 응원과 사랑주시는여러분 감사해요..!! 내일 만날 우리 별빛천사, 욱끼들 고마워요^ㅡ^/ 내일만나요 우리♥ 저는!!! 그여자 작사 그남자 작곡 촬영하러 슈우웅~ "

English translations: Thank you for those who have greeted me for my birthday, thank you^^ Malaysia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Arab, Russia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, America, Canada.... and and.. is there any more I missed.. Ahh, I promise that Shin Hye will do better in future and also to have more overseas plans^ㅡ^ Thank you everyone for your love and support..!! Tomorrow I will be meeting all Starlight Angels^ㅡ^/ See you there♥ and there's shooting for Music and Lyrics~

翻译: 对那些祝福过我生日的人们,谢谢大家啦^^马来西亚、日本、中国、台湾、新加坡、阿拉伯、俄罗斯、香港、菲律宾、泰国、越南、澳大利亚、美国、加拿大...啊呀呀还有没有遗漏的,另外呢,呜呼今后会更加努力的我啊,我会尽量在海外哦!给我更多支持和爱护的各位,谢谢啦。. . ! !明天见星光天使啊,^ 还有作词作曲的拍摄哦

Shin Hye's this very particular tweet made all her Starlight Angels bounced about in happiness!! Her grateful and sweet little tweet attaching a cute little looking Shin Hye indeed has the power to make all in high spirits.

After the tweet, her Starlight Angels responded with enthusiasm "thank you shin hye for mentioning singapore...!!! tears of joy when i read '싱가폴'^^ 고마워요언니!!!!!♥", "i am happy because she mentioned philippines also. i am so proud of it she recognize us!" "Thank you for recognizing us onni! we love you!"

Thereafter, Before 00:00 18th February 2012, all her Starlight Angels united and help to trend #Happy23BirthdayShinHye on twitter and also on weibo with the tag of #祝朴信惠生日快樂# . With the minute hand ticking at every minute, everyone showed and did they best in helping to trend it.Though flooding Shin Hye's twitter and weibo mentions, all of they showed they utmost love and support to their forever Hallyu Queen!

Heart-warming and sweet tweets on twitter were all sent to Shin Hye.
"Happy Birthday to someone who has given much happiness to so many. #Happy23BirthdayShinHye"

"Beautiful, caring, kind-hearted, no one can hold a candle to you. Happy Birthday! #Happy23BirthdayShinHye"

"Just like fine wine, you grow better with the years♥"

"you are the brightest star in the sky tonight"

and on weibo,
"#祝朴信惠生日快乐# 记得在美男里面,美男曾这样安慰过泰京----在你诞生的今天是一个极其重要的日子,谢谢你来到这个世界。—— MM,今天就是你的23岁生日了。。。一起和星恋们爱你们,是我们最大的幸福。我会一直默默喜欢你们,很多年。。。"


"#祝朴信惠生日快乐# 先锋惠23岁生日快乐^^今年在日本办FM~><~ 祈求一下早日来上海叭~生日要好好过喔~未来不论是演员、MC还是歌手身份~都要加油!"

And of course, many made fanarts, photo arts, birthday cards and etc for Shin Hye's 23rd birthday!


China (@pshjks_baidubar)

Thailand (@psh_thai)

Philippines (@PSH_Philippines)

Taiwan (@pshtw)

Hong Kong ( I ♥ U is made using all Starlight Angels' photo)! Wow! (@psh_hk)

International Fanclub (@psh_ifc)

Peru (@pshperu)

Indonesia (@indolovehacci)

Argentina (fb: parkshinhyeArgentina)

DC inside


Malaysia (@psh_malaysia)

Arab - Birthday Video (@psh_arabfans)

The end of all arts and videos by all fanclubs from all around the world. Thank you everyone for all your art pieces and trendings,  including PSH FANBOX, ANJELL INT'L, PSH JAPAN, PSH_INAFC, PSH FANS, PSH BAIDUBAR, PSH RUSSIA and SHINHYENET!!!! Hope I didn't miss anyone out..

NOTE: THE ABOVE SEQUENCES (ARTS and NAMES) ARE NOT BY ANY ORDER. Depended on where I sourced for it first. 

Hope that all of you have had enjoyed them and lastly, wishing our lovely Shin Hye a wonderful and joyous 23rd birthday!

Meanwhile, Shin Hye is having her Seoul Fan-meeting today at 3pm.


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