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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Park Shin Hye 4/2 twitter updates

Park Shin Hye tweeted "봉지는 몸을 완전히 이불속에 넣거나 완전히 나와있지만 노리는.. 사람처럼 몸만 들어가있고 머리는 항상 나와있다. 너.... 강아지의 탈을 쓴 사람이냐.... 뭐냐 너.... "

Translates as follows Bongji usually keeps itself covered all over or is all outside of the blanket but Nori.. she is just like any other human being who likes to keep her body covered in the blanket and only her head is out. You.... are like a human being but with a dog's appearance.... What is wrong with you....

Shin Hye's 2nd tweet "작작좀찍어!! 하는듯한 표정들.. "

Translates as follows Slow down!! Let's give a pose.. 

Shin Hye's 3rd tweet "싸우지들마염~~~ " 

Translates as follows Do not fight~~~


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