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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Park Shin Hye's 23rd Birthday celebration with Japan fan-meeting

Hearts fluttered as Starlight Angels walked through the gates of Zepp Tokyo. Many held on with anticipation to see their one and only Hallyu Star, Park Shin Hye.

Today (24/2/2012) is actress Park Shin Hye's fan-meeting entitled 'City of ssinzel~ Angel's Birth'.The main idea of this fan-meeting in Zepp Tokyo, Japan, is to celebrate the birth of Park Shin Hye.

The audience took over almost the entire area of the hall. The management snapped pictures of it.

A combination of a white elegant dress with a black leather jacket that evoked the sensual indulgences of the femininity of actress Park Shin Hye.

The fan-meeting was sparkled off with the huge screen on the stage that played the video of Shin Hye when she was in west Africa, Ghana. Recollecting recollections during her stay in Ghana with her starlight angels, they were touched by each and every moment that Shin Hye had spent with Angelina.

Shin Hye's highest hit song 'lovely day', You're Beautiful OST, was sang and then the starlight angels were showed a video of Shin Hye's dramas evolution from her debut till now.

There was a part where Shin Hye received an interview session and was asked several questions. One of it was the all-time favourite:

Top 8 Ideal type
Jung Yong Hwa VS Lee Hong Ki
--Lee Hong Ki

Top 4 Ideal Type
Lee Hong Ki VS Won Bin
--Won Bin

Top 2 Ideal type
Won Bin VS Jang Keun Suk
--Jang Keun Suk

Birthday messages of Jang Keun Suk's, Uhm Tae Wong's, Jung Yong Hwa's and FTisland's were showed to everyone. Actress Park also performed the dance that she had danced for 2011 melons music awards last year November; song was by Beyonce 'Why don't you love me'.

An end was marked with a breathy Japanese song and her official Korea fanclub members had the chance to do a 'high5' with her. They brought a lovely cake and sang to her the birthday song.

After the fan-meeting, actress Park greeted and thanked everyone for the lovely and enjoyable moments that they had spent together.

She tweeted "와.. 너무너무 감사합니다. 여러분 덕분에 행복한 시간을 보내고 힘을 얻어갑니다..!! 감사합니다 여러분!!!! 오늘 12시에 방송되는 그여자 작사 그남자 작곡 많은 시청부탁드립니다!!!!"

Wow.. really really thank you. Thanks to everyone i get to spend happiness and blessful times together..!! Thank you everyone!!!! Please remember to catch MBC music "Music and lyrics" tonight at 12!!!!

哇。非常感谢。托大家的福拥有幸福的时光,真的获得力量。。! !谢谢各位! ! !今天12点播放的《那个女人作词那个男人作曲 》也拜托大家要收看呀! ! ! !

At the same time, she updated her Ameblo blog saying "皆さん~楽しかったですか?

Thank you very much.
Everyone〜Did you have fun?
I thought "I'm a happiest person in the world".
Everyone, Thank you so much.
Please go home safely p(^_^)q

回家请注意安全哦 p(^_^)q

Pictures source: weibo shinhyenet twitter
Chinese translations: pshjks tieba baidu
Ameblo english translation: ozbussi
Other translations: psh spore
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