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Friday, 9 March 2012

'Music and Lyrics' will earn mentor Lee Seung Hwan's frank evaluation on the 3rd episode

MBC music's 'Music and Lyrics' self-composed song has earned a frank evaluation from mentor Lee Seung Hwan as 'Emotional couple'.

The 30 days in 'Music and Lyrics', the couple had composed a song as part of the show. In the second episode of 'Music', "That women" starring Park Shin Hye and "That man" starring Yoon Gun, their date in the club has revealed their work for music.

The episode that is going to be aired on the 9th, Park Sin Hye will meet the "great master", Lee Seung Hwan. Park will flaunt her self-composed song and also listen to advice for a public scene. Anticipating Lee's evaluation towards Park as Park knew mentor Lee since they were in primary school.

The "emotional couple's" unique self-composed song will be aired on 9th March at 12am on MBC Music channel.

第三集的‘那个女人作词那个男人作曲’ 将获得导师李承焕坦率评价

出演节目#那个女人作词那个男人作曲# 自己作词 得到导师李承焕坦率评价 “感性情侣" 朴信惠&尹建 制作的一个特别的曲子将在3月9日晚12时通过电视播出

《那个女人作词作曲那个男人》在她的女演员和音乐人30天里见面,一起歌曲制作经历的甜蜜的插曲。3月2日播出的第2回合中,《那个女人》朴信惠和《那个男人》尹建 俱乐部约会一同音乐作业被公开。





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