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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Park Shin Hye and Oh Jung Se to cast in Ryu Duk Hwan's debut movie.

Actor Ryu Duk Hwan's debut movie "Waiting For Jang Joon Hwan" has cast actor Oh Jung Se and actress Park Shin Hye.

Ryu Duk Hwan attempts at movie directing for the first time through the 2nd Olleh Smart Phone Film Festival this March 19th with actress Go Soo Hee and Lee Seon Ho.

With director Jang Joon Hwan from the movie "Save the Green Planet" as the movie motif, Ryu Duk Hwan has decided to call the shots for movie "Waiting For Jang Joon Hwan". Actor Oh Jung Se and Park Sin Hye will be making special appearances.

Despite the fact that this is the first time he's directing a movie, his experience in acting helped him to lead the movie and the set in a relaxed way. He said, "It was fun thinking that smart phones could replace cameras in movie sets".

Actress Go Soo Hee and Lee Seon Ho also shot the movie "Jade Sorrow" with director Bong Man Dae as their mentors.

The 2nd Olleh Smart Phone Film Festival is founded on the motive to induce the publics attention to smart phone movies. Ryu Duk Hwan, Go Soo Hee and Lee Seon Ho are the first ones to be the mentors of this purpose. Actor Ryu Duk Hwan chose director Im Pil Sung as his mentor director and Go Soo Hee and Lee Seong Ho chose director Bong Man Dae as theirs.

The Smart Phone Film Festival will be held in the Olleh Square at Gwang Hwamun and their debut projects will be released on the 19th of March at the opening.

Source: hancinema


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