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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Park Shin Hye showed her pure charm in 'Music and Lyrics' received good evaluations

Actress Park Shin Hye's first experience with reality program under MBC Music 'Music and Lyrics' has been released, due to her lively and cheerful character, she has won the hearts of her audience.

This is Park Shin Hye's first appearance for demonstrating about her daily life. Whether she revealed her shy faces while composing the songs, or her nervous faces before the airing of the program, she displayed the real side of herself that had earned good evaluation from both of her male and female audiences.

After watching the program, netizens commented: "I didn't know that Park Shin Hye is so cute", "The part where she do not dare to reveal her shy faces while composing the lyrics is so cute", "Your hard-work for composing the lyrics really leaves me a deep impression" and etc.

'Music and Lyrics' involves a top female star and also a popular music producer. To the couple, in order to produce the world's top song, they will reveal their hard-work and efforts in this reality program. Park Shin Hye has gained attention due to her involvement in this reality program. The song <I Think of You> that was revealed on the 9th was composed by Park Shin Hye and edited by Yoon Gun, received much attention from netizens.

3 episodes of 'Music and Lyrics' has been aired and the 4th episode will be aired on 16th March at 12am.

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朴信惠《她作词他谱曲​》受好评 清纯魅力打动人心




《她填词他谱曲》是一档讲述顶级女星和当红音乐人为谱写出世间唯一一首歌曲而不停努力的浪漫真人秀节目,朴信惠作为该节目的首位女星登场而备受瞩目。9日播出的节目中由朴信惠作词音乐人尹健谱曲的《I Think of you》也部分曝光,引起众人的好奇。


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