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Monday, 5 March 2012

英文和华文版-Special project with Park Shin Hye's international fans


We have set up a special account on for everyone to upload their video messages. 

1. Go to
2. Login by clicking LOG IN WITH: and click on the GOOGLE icon
3. Type in this username and password.

  • PASSWORD: number1!

4. Upload file

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Attention all Park Shin Hye international fanclubs!

This is the chance to show our love and support to our multi-talented actress Park Shin Hye!! There will be a compilation of all videos from all her international fanclubs from all over the world like Singapore, Japan, Peru, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and even Arab!! For the video making, there are several requirements in which you must follow!

They are simple but please try to follow them as closely as possible. Time is very short so do not wait!!

Here's what you need to do.

1. With a camcorder or the MOVIE setting on your camera, record yourself OUTDOORS
a) You can record yourself outside on the streets, at a supermarket, shopping center, anywhere that shows where you are from.
b) While recording yourself, you MUST have something of Shin Hye.
DVD of her drama/movie
Hand drawn or painted picture of Shin Hye
Anything with Shin Hye on it
c) Greet Shin Hye in your native language, tell where you are from, and tell Shin Hye how much you love her in English (with the exception of Japanese). Your video MUST include the line: "I LOVE PARK SHIN HYE"
d) Preferably do this in a group but if you can't, you can record yourself alone.

2. The time limit is 5 minutes per video with one video per group/person. Please do not go over.

3. No mentioning or showing of other celebrities in your video. It should be purely SHIN HYE! If we find videos that mention another along with Shin Hye, they will not be accepted.

4. Save the video on any these formats: .avi, .mp4, .wmv, .mpg, .mov (a format that will open in almost all computers)

5. Deadline is MARCH *31!! 

这是我们百年难得的机会来向世界告白我们对朴信惠的爱!各国的后援会将呈现一个代表自己国家粉丝的录影片. 这次的活动包括 新加坡,日本,秘鲁,印度尼西亚,菲律宾,泰国,俄罗斯,香港,台湾,中国,甚至阿拉伯 等等的后援会都会参与哦 !以下是个为后援会得做的事。


2. 你们可以在外头拍摄 (百货公司,超级市场,街上 等等)哪里都可以来让收看的人知道你们是从哪里来的

3. 在拍摄的过程 手上一定要有以下的东西例如:
-画画,彩色画,油画 等等

4. 用你们的国语来欢迎/向信惠说你们是从哪里来的人。用英语告诉信惠你们有多爱她,日语例外。你们的录影片里一定一定要有 “我爱你朴信惠!”

5. 最好是一组人来完成这项的活动,如果不行,那就一个人。

6. 录影的时间限制是5分钟。请不要超时。

7. 请勿在影片里提到其他的艺人,只许提到信惠一个!故犯者的录影片将会被抽出来。

8. 请将你们的录影片存用 avi, .mp4, .wmv, .mpg, .mov (总之录影片要可以在其他电脑打开)

9. 截止日期是3月 *31号!!


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