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Monday, 26 March 2012

Park Shin Hye demonstrated elegant and stylish look at the airport

Park Shin Hye demonstrated elegant and stylish look at the airport 

Today (23/3), actress Park Shin Hye uploaded 2 pictures of herself through her personal twitter (@ssinz).

From the pictures, actress Park showed everyone her elegant and stylish look and with a little caption of "10 mins more to boarding the plane^^ Do I look like models? Today will be attending the Shanghai TGC show..!! Please give me your support!!" 

In the photos, Park was waiting for her flight. Wearing a light beige colored stylish coat, a reddish colored pair of sun-glasses, Park definitely have flaunted her fresh look at the airport.

On her hands, she was holding on to her plane tickets. She posed elegantly with it and the picture received much attention from netizens.

After seeing the selcas, netizens flooded with the comments 'A perfect wear for the weather and place' , 'It's very suitable for places that are raining, Shin Hye looked slimmer' , 'Extremely stylish, please come back as soon as possible' and etc

This time's trip to Shanghai was to attend 2012 Shanghai Tokyo Girls' Collection (TGC) which has ended yesterday night (24/3) at 11pm CST. Park was selected as one of the models to be on the runway. Do sit back and wait for our next article on her moments spent on TGC!

Please take all out with full credits to Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub.


新浪娱乐讯 今日(23日),韩国演员朴信惠(微博)通过自己的推特(twitter)公开了两张优雅时尚的机场造型,并留言:“搭乘飞机十分钟之前,我像模特儿吗?为参与在上海举办的TGC正要出国。请大家多加鼓励。”



另外,朴信惠为参与将于明日(24日)在中国上海举办的《TGC Girls Collection in Shanghai 2012》前往上海。《TGC Girls Collection》是结合音乐和时装的亚洲大规模时尚盛典。尹孝贞/文 版权所有 韩星网 禁止转载


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